February 10, 2012

Monthly Onesie Stickers

This is one of the gifts I received at one of my showers and I thought I would share it because I think it is so amazing!  They are stickers from Etsy that my wonderful friend Amelia attached to different sized onesies, so I can document the growth of my little man in his first year.
Here is Matix is his one month onesie...I seriously cannot believe it has already been a month!!!

Boy oh Boy!

So, once again I have dropped off the blogging planet but it was for a good reason!  I have a new man in my life....sweet baby Matix was born on January 3rd and he has filled my life with so much love!  He is truly an answer to prayer and I am so incredibly thankful for each and every day with him!  

July 13, 2011

A Crib Mobile Tutorial

I made this mobile to go with the blanket for sweet baby Emery that finally made her big appearance less than two days ago...we got to meet her yesterday and she is just the cutest thing!  

I can across the mobile below on Pinterest (one of my new addictions) and loved it so much that I wanted to try to make one as a gift for Jamie's shower...there wasn't a tutorial so I just made it up as I went...here is how I did it:  
Fabric scraps (to cut out leaves)
Fabric Glue
Embroidery Hoop (just the hoop without the screw)
Flowers (I found these at Michaels in the scrapbooking section)
Rhinestones (for the inside of the flowers) 

1. Cut out pairs of leaves.  You could make a stencil out of cardboard so that they all look the same.  I liked that they all looked just a little bit different so I just free cut them.  Just make sure that you cut the pairs together so they match up. 

2. Using fabric glue, glue the pairs together onto the ribbon spacing them out about 1.5 inches apart (glue will help the leaves stay in place when sewing and it also made them thicker and more sturdy)  I used ten pieces of ribbon with 4 leaves on 5 of the ribbon strips and 3 leaves on the other 5 ribbon strips...this way, when you attached them to the hoop the leaves will staggered.   

3. Sew around the edges and down the middle of each leaf...see image below (I really just did this because I liked the way it looked...but you could easily skip this step as the glue should hold just fine on its own). 
4. Wrap fabric scraps around the embroidery hoop and glue edges with a hot glue gun.  

5. Pin the ribbons with the leaves on them staggering the ones with 3 leaves and 4 leaves.  After you like the spacing, tie or glue on the ribbons to the embroidery hoop.  

6. Attach 3 ribbons to the top of the embroidery hoop so that the mobile is hanging level.  Then attach one long piece of ribbon to the top that is long enough to hang from the ceiling. 

7. Make a ribbon poof, by just cutting small strips of ribbon and tying them together.  Attach a cute little birdie.  I found mine at Leaping Lotus in Solana Beach.
8. Attach flowers, using a hot glue gun, to decorate the embroidery hoop and then glue rhinestones into the middle of each flower. 
That's it!  All done!  

So after I made the mobile, I came across this mobile that I LOVE sooo much! 
Of course this one had an amazing tutorial that would have been super useful but maybe it can help you...she did a couple things differently, including the red beading top, which I am in love with!...maybe I will try this one next time.  

Welcome baby Emery, I hope this mobile brings you lots of smiles and sweet dreams!    

June 27, 2011

Babies in a Blanket: A Baby Blanket Tutorial

This is the second baby blanket I have made now and they are not as hard as they look.  I wish I could take the credit for creating the design but I got this design from my sister in-law's sister in-law...Gotta love sister in-laws:)!  

I found most of the fabric from my new favorite store, Maisonnette.  The purple and ivory quilted looking fabric was actually a large quilted blanket that the mommy-to-be purchased to convert into the crib bumper, which I have almost finished (tutorial may be coming soon...if I can figure out how I made it;)  

The blanket that I made before was 3x3 squares for my friend Alicia's gender neutral baby shower...here is a picture:
 I LOVED it and so did Alicia but I wanted to try a bigger one this time, so this time I tried a 4x4.  Here is the tutorial for the 4x4 (the 3x3 is the same, you just need less fabric): 

- 16 9x9 squares (so 1/4 yard of 4 to 8 different fabrics)
- 1 yard of minky...1 and 1/4 if you would like to use some of the minky on the front (btw...minky is a super soft fabric for the back of the blanket)...(I used the square pattern for the first time instead of the polka dots and it was SO much easier to use if you can find it)
- 4 and 1/4 yards of large ric rac

1. Cut 16 9 inch by 9 inch squares.  I have at least one or two of the squares with the fabric from the back of the quilt.  
2. Lay out all of the squares to make the pattern you want (this took me forever to get each square in a happy home that wasn't close to it's twin or triplet). 
3. Pin and then sew squares together...I started like this with pairs:  
4. Then pin and sew into quarters...
5. Pin and then sew in half...
6. Pin and sew so all the squares are one happy family;)
7. Round the corners.  I used a cereal bowl to trace the corners and then cut: 

YAY!  One side is now complete!

8. Now, cut the minky to fit the quilted front (I just traced the quilted side onto the minky side):
9. Now this is a bit tricky...you are going to make a quilt sandwich.  First place the minky right side up...just like you see it above.  Then lay the quilt upside down on the top...now for the tricky part.  Pin the ric rac in between the quilt and the minky so that just a small little rainbow piece is peeking out (it took me a while to figure out how much...just remember that you are going to sew about a 1/4 inch in and you still want the main ruffled part showing when you turn it right side in). 
10.  Sew 1/4 inch around most of the blanket, leaving about a foot open so you are able to turn the quilt right side in.  
11.  Turn the quilt right side in and top stitch the entire quilt...sewing shut your 1 foot of open blanket.  
12.  You did it!!!  All done:)  Now wrap it up and go make a mommy or soon-to-be mommy happy...just like Jamie below;)
Happy Sewing!

June 15, 2011

A Bird's Eye View of a Nesting Baby Shower

I have been meaning to post this FOREVER!  So last month...wholly cowzers...I can't believe it has already been a month...I cohosted a shower with my wonderful friend Amelia for an amazing friend and very soon to be mommy, Jamie.  The theme, as you can see from the invite, was all things spring...birdies, eggs, nests, etc. 

I made this invitation using Pages on our MAC...oh how I LOVE our MAC!  The invitation helped to inspire the colors, font, and overall look for the shower.
Name tags inspired by the invites, using my new favorite font.  
Each guest made a wish for baby Emery.  We used this in place of a guest book. 


Measure the Belly as seen in the Book Themed Baby Shower...we just changed the colors of the yarn.  Here is the link to the labels and directions.
Measure the Belly in progress and final product.

Bingo...one of my favorites...with the new font to match the invites.  Here is the link for the template from the Book Themed Baby Shower.

 So I have to admit...this was Amelia's idea and I was not so keen on it in the beginning.  I was honestly thinking...first of all, I have seen it at so many showers and I was thought that it was a little over done and second, I was worried that they wouldn't actually get used.  BUT the final product was soooooooooo cute and I am so glad that we did it!  We had all of the onsies prepped so that all the guests had to do was paint on the freezer paper stencil that we had ironed on the night before.  Here is a link to an awesome tutorial...and here is the project in action: 
And here is the super cutie patootie final product: 


We wanted the food to be delicious and easy so we went with a menu of Orzo Salad, Strawberry Spinach Salad, Fresh Fruit and Chicken Salad Sandwiches...which I got sooo many compliments on that here is the recipe (I added almonds and apples).

YUM YUM!  Funfetti cupcakes, lemon bars, marbled brownies and cute little rice crispy nests with almond eggs inside.

Lots of fun vases with fresh farmer's market flowers, cute little birds and birdcages.  Oh and I reused the teacups that I had planted with rye grass from the Easter centerpieces.  

CAKE POPS!  I had been wanting to try these for a long time and they were fairly easy...you just need some patience for the chocolate dipping part.  Here is the recipe from the fabulous Bakerella.  You can basically use any kind of cake, frosting and chocolate.  We used funfetti cake with vanilla frosting and white melting chocolates that we dyed to match the shower colors...oh and then we dipped them in sprinkles...to add some sparkle.  


Thanks so much to Amelia, the most amazing cohostess!
I can't wait to meet baby Emery and we are hoping she arrives before we leave on our vacation...HURRY UP EMERY!

April 25, 2011

Easter Cookies, Centerpieces and a 1st Birthday Cake

Happy Easter to You!  
This Easter I was asked by the most wonderful and sweetest person to make cookies, centerpieces, lemon bars and a 1st birthday cake for her big Easter party.  I spent Saturday baking, frosting and creating!  Here is a peek at all the goodies:

Thank you so much Nancy!