July 22, 2010

Old School Archives

So remember when archives were actually paper and pictures in real tangible folders and not links to previous posts....well that is what I have...old school archives.  Because it took me so long to jump on this blogging bandwagon, I have a ton of pictures, tangible folders and mental notes of all the things I have created for others in the past.  In the future I will include tutorials for all of the projects and hopefully get some stuff up on Etsy so in case you don't have time to make it, you can just buy it.  Here are just a few ideas to wet your creative palette:

Happy Birthday Friend: Rosette Headband
This summer I got really into making these headbands.  I am a huge fan of accessories so I started by making them for myself.  After getting a few admirers, I started making them as gifts.  I made this one as a birthday present for a friend of mine and she got one of the best compliments in my book when someone said "Did you get that at Anthropologie?"  Is there any better compliment?

Happy Baby Shower: A Tie Trio
Okay first of all...anything teeny tiny like a newborn onesie makes my heart melt.  I made this trio all from one my husband's ties (don't worry I got permission).  I know you have all seen an adorable tie onesie but have you ever seen a matching headband for mommy?  Or how about a the cutest binky clip made out of a tie.  This actually took me forever to make but I have some tips to share with all of you so that you too can make your friends oohh and ahhh at your next shower.

Happy Housewarming: Succulent Garden
This is one of my favorite gifts...not only is it inexpensive to make but people love it and succulents are so in right now;)  More to come about succulents in the future...mainly because they are the only plant I can keep alive...so if you are one of the people with the philosophy that you need to first keep a plant alive, then a pet, then you can think about a baby...you definitely need to get a succulent so you can start the first step with success.

Well...that is all for now...is your palette wet?  Good...go let those creative juices flow! 


  1. Yes!!! I got the first comment! I have such an amazing and talented wife! This is an awesome blog! Keep it up! Love you!

  2. I think I'm going to love this blog! I started making those rosettes as hair clips ( a little different than yours), but I can't figure out how to make the kind that you did. It looks great.

  3. Sweet!!! I am so excited to get your tutorials. My bf just had her baby at 33 wks so her little guy is super tiny. I've been wanting to make that trio for her ever since I saw it at Lisa's shower. When you have some free time can you email me how you did it, oh and that succulent plant thing is pretty cool too!

  4. Hey sweets...so glad you are FINALLY sharing your talents with the world! You have such creative ideas and I will love watching your business grow.....Love you!

  5. Katie, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I had no idea you were so crafty!! Bring on some more pics!! :0)