August 1, 2010

It's the Thought that Counts!

I literally did not spend a penny on this gift and I have to admit I am very hesitant to post this since you are all now going to know how much I am spending on your gifts...but it's the thought that counts right?  Hopefully by seeing how easy and inexpensive this is, you too can put only thought and not money into your next gift.  

Remember I was saying how amazing succulents are?  Well here is another reason why.  My amazing grandma-in-law (love you Mary!) gave me a bunch of succulent cuttings (cuttings are simply pieces of a succulent plant that you break off, let dry over night, replant in the morning and will eventually grow into full sized plants).  Anyway, these cutting have grown like crazy, which is awesome because this will be the second time I have used them for a gift.  Okay so here is how I did it:

Step 1: Find something you have laying around the house that you can pot.  You could use a tea cup, vase, bowl, tea pot, candy jar, etc.  (If you don't have anything try going to Homegoods or the thrift your best not to look for a planting pot...there is something awesome about planting in a found object instead of a pot).  In this case I found a vase that I don't use very often.

Step 2: Add gravel to the bottom especially if your found object/planting pot does not have drainage holes.  I mixed the gravel with shells since I was using a glass/see through vase.

Step 3:  Fill will cactus/succulent potting soil....since my succulents were already in soil, I just used the soil that was in the container. 
Step 4: Plant the succulents.  Simply take out of one pot and put it in a another...did I mention this was easy?  

Step 5 (Optional): Just for fun and to add a little extra decoration, add layer of rock or shells to the top of the soil.

Step 6: Water the succulent with just a tablespoon of water.  Succulents are like cactus, they do not need much water...which is another reason why they are so can forget them for a week or two and they will still live!  The best thing to do is to water the succulent (just a tablespoon per succulent) about once a week or follow this rule: If the soil is is thirsty (just a little bit thirsty), if the soil is is happy.
Step 7: Tie it with a bow;)

And ta da!!!!  You have this beauty!  I hope she likes it!  I sure do...I may have to make one of these for myself:)

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  1. Awesome! I want one for my desk at work! Please..?????