August 7, 2010

Super Easy and Oh So Pretty Pillow Covers

This could be a perfect housewarming gift or maybe even a wedding shower present...or you could just make one as a present for yourself...just for funsies!  Also, one of my favorite parts as usual...this was super inexpensive...I simply purchased a yard of fabric $7.80 and three buttons $2.00.  Can you believe it, under $10.00!  But remember it is a cover so I didn't have to actually buy a pillow, which I guess is also going green right?  Here is how to make it...sorry if it gets a little confusing...but I promise this is super easy: 

Step 1: Find a pillow to cover and then measure your pillow.  My pillow is 21 square inches.

Step 2: The Front Panel: 
Cut the front panel 1 square inch larger than your pillow.  I cut 22 square inches.  Side note: I am too cheap to buy one of those fancy cutting boards and rolling blade, so I just measure and then draw lines to cut...just like this:  
This is what your front panel should look like: 

Step 3: The Back Panels: 
Short Panel: Cut one of the panels with the width 2 inches larger than half of your pillow.  Remember my pillow is 22 inches so half is 11 plus 2 for the seam on the my shorter panel is 15 by 22 inches.
Long Panel:  Cut the other panel so that the width is 3/4 the size of the pillow plus 2 inches for the edge.  For my pillow, I cut this panel 19 by 22 inches. Sorry if this is starting to sound confusing but I promise it are what the back panels should look like: 

Step 6: Edges of Panels: 
Sew two inch edges on each of the back panels.  I like to iron the the two inch fold before I sew...mainly because I really don't like to pin just takes forever.  

Step 5: Putting it Together:
First pin and then sew the long side of the shorter back panel to the front panel (remember that you need to make it inside out). 

Then pin and then sew on the long side of the longer back panel to the other side of the front panel. 
Next pin and sew the top and bottom of the pillow together.  IMPORTANT: Be sure that the short back panel is under the long this:  

Step 6: Turn your masterpiece inside out and stuff your pillow in...yippie you did it! Hopefully the front and back of your pillow look something like this:

A Little Extra Credit: Buttons
I love, love, love buttons so I added buttons to the back of my pillow.  This helps to keep the panels together and it also looks oh so pretty.  Buttons are super easy with my machine because it has a button foot.  (If your machine is not like mine don't worry I will be posting a fun idea sometime next week that will cut this step out and you will still magically have buttons;)

Step 1: Measure where you want your buttons and make a mark.

Step 2: Attach the button foot.  Insert button to the back of the foot.  Adjust your is what mine looks like:

Step 3: Sew button holes...sorry forgot a pic...but you know what it looks like.

Step 4: Mark where to sew the buttons on the inner panel.

Step 5: Hand stitch your buttons to the inner panel...opps no pic again.

Step 6: Put in your pillow again and ta da!  Prettiness!!!!

Okay so as much as I love this pillow cover, it really doesn't match anything in our if you love it and it matches your home decor, let me know and it is yours...ha! my first giveaway! 

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