February 18, 2011

Measure the Belly...Another Baby Shower Game

Measure the belly is another easy and fun baby shower game.
Have this activity out at the beginning of the shower so that while the guests are arriving and mingling they can make their estimations.  The guests will simply cut a string the length they think is the measurement of the mommy-to-be's belly.  After they cut the string, they label it with their name and then tape it to the yardstick.  At some point during the shower (we did it after the mommy-to-be was done opening gifts) measure the mommy's tummy and find the closest match by holding it up to the guests' estimations.  The string that matches the mommy's is the winner and that's it!

1. Yarn, Ribbon, String or Twine
2. Tape
3. Labels:
  Bottles, Onesies and Binkies
  Owls, Guitars and Books  
4. Scissors
5. Markers
7. Directions: Measure the Belly Directions 
8. Yardstick or somewhere to tape guests estimated pieces of yarn.
9. Prize 

Here is what it looked like when everyone had made their guesses (notice the labels toward the bottom): 


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