February 27, 2011

Presentation is Everything... A Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Idea

So I saw this idea at one of my good friend's shower and couldn't wait to do it myself.  Basically, it's just a fun way to wrap your gift.  Here are the details if you would like to give it a try at your next shower...just make sure it's a shower that I will not be attending...he he...just kidding...well not really;) 
1. Twine
2. Clothes Pins
3. Laundry Basket...or any basket
4. Tissue Paper
5. Adorable Clothes and Accessories (ex. hats, socks, binky clips, shoes, etc)

1. Put some tissue in the bottom of the basket.
2. Hang all of the clothes on the twine using the clothes pins.
3. Put the line of clothes into the basket (make sure you have the end of the line in first) folding so that it is easy to pull out. 
4. Leave the beginning of the sting hanging out of the basket so the mommy-to-be just simply pulls the string for the big reveal.  
5. Put some tissue on top and you are all set!

Happy Wrapping!

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