March 22, 2011

Linen Shower Ideas

Happy Spring!  My wonderful friend Alicia just texted me asking for DIY linen shower ideas.  I figured that instead of just putting together an email for her...I could post it here so we can all have a reference for the next linen shower we attend. 
Click on the link below each picture for the detailed tutorial. 
Quilted Potholder
I love the fabric choice on this one!
Potholder Apron
Not the easiest project but what an amazing idea!
Monday-Friday Kitchen Towels
I LOVE smart!
Tea Towel Pillows
Amazing...and Anthropologie inspired!
Cute Dish Towels
Fancy Shmancy!
Upcycled Placemat Apron
Another crazy smart and super cute idea
Tile Coaster
Love this idea and you could use anything...old maps, magazines, etc.  Also it is one of the only no sew ideas.
Amazing Rosette Pillow
I love rosette anything!
Fabric Coaster
This is a great idea...and you can reuse plastic bags.
Vinyl Placemats
I can't wait to try this!
Quilted Potholder
Cute and relatively easy.

Quick Tip:

Pick one of the above and use it as a theme for your gift.  If you make a potholder, buy a pot to go with it.  If you make tea towels, you could buy a teapot.  If you make an apron, buy some baking supplies...etc.

Hope this helps Alicia!

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  1. What a great post Katie!! I wanna try them all!