March 31, 2011

Lists, Lists, Lists...oh how I love lists!

I am just a list kinda girl!  I have lists at home, lists at work, lists in the car and lists in my purse...If it is not written down, it probably won't happen.  In college, I had a list on the door with things that I would forget regularly and sadly the first one was "keys" (I still forget those) and the second one was "bike seat" (like I wouldn't notice that as soon as I walked outside;).  Anywho, we are going camping this weekend and I put together a camping packing list.  I thought I would share it so we all remember the necessities on our next camping trip!
Click the picture so you can print your own Google Doc Camping List.

More lists to come!
Happy Camping Packing!

1 comment:

  1. katie you are hilarious! this is why i love you so much! you are scott are like two peas in a pod. he makes lists for EVERYTHING too. hahaha! have fun camping! where are you going?