March 26, 2011

Message in a Cookie

Remember these cuties from my sister-in-law's shower?  
Well, here is how you can make your own.  My amazing mother-in-law gave me these cookie cutters for Christmas and they are oh so fun for ANY occasion.  The cookie cutters are called Message in a Cookie and can be found at the wonderful William's Sonoma.  Here is what they look like: 

The cookies are surprisingly easy to make...I used this Cookie Creations Recipe and simply followed the directions that came with the cookie cutters.  (There is also a recipe that comes with the cutters).  The only mistake I made was forgetting to dip the entire cookie cutter in flour before each use.  Once you have baked and cooled the cookies I decorated them with this Royal Icing Recipe

I wish I could say I made these beauties below but they are made by the once again...wonderful William's Sonoma.  Click on the picture so you can order a set of your own and make these super fun and festive cookies!  Oh and the cookies cutters themselves would also make a great gift...I sure love mine!!!

Happy Messaging!

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