June 27, 2011

Babies in a Blanket: A Baby Blanket Tutorial

This is the second baby blanket I have made now and they are not as hard as they look.  I wish I could take the credit for creating the design but I got this design from my sister in-law's sister in-law...Gotta love sister in-laws:)!  

I found most of the fabric from my new favorite store, Maisonnette.  The purple and ivory quilted looking fabric was actually a large quilted blanket that the mommy-to-be purchased to convert into the crib bumper, which I have almost finished (tutorial may be coming soon...if I can figure out how I made it;)  

The blanket that I made before was 3x3 squares for my friend Alicia's gender neutral baby shower...here is a picture:
 I LOVED it and so did Alicia but I wanted to try a bigger one this time, so this time I tried a 4x4.  Here is the tutorial for the 4x4 (the 3x3 is the same, you just need less fabric): 

- 16 9x9 squares (so 1/4 yard of 4 to 8 different fabrics)
- 1 yard of minky...1 and 1/4 if you would like to use some of the minky on the front (btw...minky is a super soft fabric for the back of the blanket)...(I used the square pattern for the first time instead of the polka dots and it was SO much easier to use if you can find it)
- 4 and 1/4 yards of large ric rac

1. Cut 16 9 inch by 9 inch squares.  I have at least one or two of the squares with the fabric from the back of the quilt.  
2. Lay out all of the squares to make the pattern you want (this took me forever to get each square in a happy home that wasn't close to it's twin or triplet). 
3. Pin and then sew squares together...I started like this with pairs:  
4. Then pin and sew into quarters...
5. Pin and then sew in half...
6. Pin and sew so all the squares are one happy family;)
7. Round the corners.  I used a cereal bowl to trace the corners and then cut: 

YAY!  One side is now complete!

8. Now, cut the minky to fit the quilted front (I just traced the quilted side onto the minky side):
9. Now this is a bit tricky...you are going to make a quilt sandwich.  First place the minky right side up...just like you see it above.  Then lay the quilt upside down on the top...now for the tricky part.  Pin the ric rac in between the quilt and the minky so that just a small little rainbow piece is peeking out (it took me a while to figure out how much...just remember that you are going to sew about a 1/4 inch in and you still want the main ruffled part showing when you turn it right side in). 
10.  Sew 1/4 inch around most of the blanket, leaving about a foot open so you are able to turn the quilt right side in.  
11.  Turn the quilt right side in and top stitch the entire quilt...sewing shut your 1 foot of open blanket.  
12.  You did it!!!  All done:)  Now wrap it up and go make a mommy or soon-to-be mommy happy...just like Jamie below;)
Happy Sewing!


  1. Love this! This I could do!

  2. This is really cute, and great for a beginner like me, So thank you for a great tutorial.

  3. Thanks, looks very easy, we are awaiting out first Great grandchild in April, will have plenty of time to make a few of these blankets.

  4. Lovely quilt thank you. My machine is not working again so a hand sewn quilt will be just the thing I want to do for the forthcoming grandchild in May.

  5. What a great quilt - and so quick and easy. Would be great for leftovers and to send off to charities! Thanks for the instructions.

  6. I think this is a great quilt for any one just starting out. Thanks for sharing,

  7. Just loved it!A simple easy method..A big thumbs up 2 u :):)

  8. I have don 9 patch like this but this is very beautiful.

  9. Going to make this daughter out of her infant receiving blankets!